Fumia Design Studio

Enrico Fumia who runs Fumia Design Studio is an Italian automobile and product designer, born in Turin,Italy.
He is best known for his work with the car design firm Pininfarina, helping to design and package a new sports car version of the Alfa Romeo. His notable car designs are Alfa Romeo 164, GTV, Spider, Lancia Y, Maserati 3200GT(Interiors).

Under the philosophy of that we are “our own first customers”, his designs feature styling that realized functions, tradition and innovation in a well-balanced manner.

Since 2003 Creastile has been the representative in Japan of Fumia Design Studio and made lots of design proposals to Japanese domestic manufacturers as well as ones in China.
We won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2006 for amusement product “D-CYCLONE”.

The company logo of Creastile is also designed by Enrico Fumia, represents that Creastile will be a bridge between two countries using the national flag of Japan and Italy, and the initial H of Hideaki, our president.