Italy BAO is an Italian Travel Conciergerie made of people committed to deliver exclusive and high quality service.
Italy BAO was founded in March 2012 as Incoming Brand and is powered by IF TRAVEL.
Its headquarters are located in 16th-century Palladian-style Ca’ Marcello Villa in the Venetian countryside.
It is indeed Italy BAO‘s mission to transmit their passion to the Guests, uncovering to them the most authentic side of Italy, the one that goes behind mainstream coverage and that can be solely experienced through secret routes and exclusive contacts.
For example, beside hotels Italy BAO select historic houses or noble properties; same goes for private wine cellars and art collections, while services are always provided by local specialists.
Outside of the usual sightseeing, you will take part in exclusive and exciting activities that will render your trip a mix of memorable adventures, such as Truffle hunting, skiing on the world’s largest ski carousel, cooking alongside Michelin-starred chefs,sailing on private yachts and driving Italian supercars.

Creastile is the exclusive Japanese agent for Italy BAO.