Il ponte fra Giappone e Italia.イタリアと日本をつなぐ橋になります。

About Creastile

Creastile supports people who are involved in cultural exchanges between Japan and Italy, for leisure, business or professional needs.
Crea” means “to create”, “stile” is an Italian word meaning “style”. We believe that we can provide richness to society by enhancing mutual understanding and creating new styles in the field of business, just like drawing a wonderful world using each others’ paints.

The company logo is designed by Enrico Fumia, represents that Creastile will be a bridge between two countries using the national flag of Japan and Italy, and the initial H of Hideaki, our president.



Hideaki Mitsuoka

Hideaki was born in 1976, Tokyo. He had spent his sensitive student days in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. After graduating from university, he started working for an industrial design company while being active as a freelance interpreter, translator and coordinator in Japan and Italy.

In 2001 Hideaki left the company and became independent. He had worked with some domestic major manufacturers as clients in the Italian Turin industrial design company as a sales agent in Japan.
Hideaki translated The people behind Pininfarina (Sanei Shobo) which summarizes projects of the successive designers for Pininfarina, a major design company in Italy.

For ten years from 2006, Hideaki gained another experience in sales, product planning, system construction for a paper product company. After building career in sales operation and marketing at the company, he became independent again and started his own business. 
Hideaki has a good reputation as an interpreter based on the cultural characteristics of Japan and Italy. He is a licensed tour-guide for Italian language who is familiar with travel, nature, food and culture both in Japan and Italy.